Frequently Asked Questions

We want to answer your questions!

Q. I don't have an account set up with Prime Courier, am I still able to use your service?

A. Of course. We accept various payment methods. Mastercard, Visa, Cheque, Money Order. We also accept online payments via PayPal. You have to play and get great bonuses in here. Don't miss your chance to become more rich.

Q. Can I set up a Prime Courier online account and still be able to call in an order if I'm not at my computer?

A. Certainly. You can view and track your orders on your account whether they are placed online, or by phone call.

Q. Can I place an order online after hours?

A. Definitely. We will make sure your scheduled order will be picked up without any worries.

Q. What are your hours for delivery?


Q. How late can I call for a same day delivery?


Q. How does Prime Courier charge for large shipments?

A. Anything over 250 lbs, will be charged an extra $0.10 per lb.

Q. I sent a shipment to a customer but they closed early today, what happens now?

A. If a place is closed when our driver attempts to deliver we can be given authorization to leave the goods or to mail slot the delivery if it is a document. If we arrive at a location and the company is closed we will call for further instructions. We can hold the delivery for a 2nd attempt or return it back if we are not given permission to leave or mail slot.

Q. What happens if the driver arrives for the pickup and the shipment isn't ready?

A. If our courier arrives and the pickup will not be ready within 10 minutes we will contact the customer for instructions. We can either come back when the delivery is ready and there will be a minimum charge for a no pick up (half of the regular rate) on the original order or the driver can wait. If the customer requests the driver to wait then there is a charge depending on the vehicle required to do the delivery.

Q. I have an urgent delivery can you send the driver right away while I finish putting it together?

A. We can send a driver immediately and wait for the shipment to be ready. Our standard waiting time charge will be added to the delivery.

Q. What happens if I give you the wrong address?

A. If we are given a wrong address we will contact the customer for re-direction of the delivery. If there is no other address then the shipment will be returned to the customer.

Q. I have a Dangerous Goods shipment can you accommodate this?

A. Unfortunately, we do not handle any dangerous goods.

Q. How can I get a proof of delivery (POD)?

A. If you are an online customer, you can view the order under ‘order tracking’. We will also be pleased to fax or email a copy of the delivery receipt and/or invoice.

Q. Do you offer electronic billing?

A. Yes, please contact our office you can either view your invoices/ statements online or we can email them to you.

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